Welcome to Western Slope Home Pros! I am a real estate agent, Laura Connor, with and I wanted to have a site that would be full of resources for clients interested in businesses that complement real estate sales and investments. 

The Cities section is for those considering building projects and want to know the rules and regulations particular to their community.

The Utilities section is a great overview for people who are relocating to the area, or those moving to a new area. 

Counties is again for those considering larger projects and want to see the resources, rules, and regulations. These are the counties that I cover.  Pitkin, Garfield, Mesa and Gunnison are the counties we serve for real estate sales.

Home Presentation is useful for future sellers, improving their home for a higher sale price.

Home Maintenance services help sellers get through inspection issues or prepare their home for sale. 

The Professional Services section offers information on persons with special expertise who may be called upon in the process of home buying, selling, or building.

I enjoy connecting with all kinds of real estate professionals, and I want to build a directory that can benefit both local small businesses and my real estate clients.