Aspen the Winter Wonderland

Aspen the Winter Wonderland

Everyone knows that Aspen is a major vacation destination, and this year is experiencing Co-vid restrictions.  On the one hand, no one wants there to be irreparable damage to the small businesses that create the warmth of hospitality in this town. On the other hand, everyone wants to stay safe. 

I was in the process of creating a business for travelers– its a private car and concierge service called Western Slope Adventures.  An upsell of a car service is advertising. I was becoming more and more interested in marketing due to my burgeoning real estate sales career. I had started my own advertising LLC a couple of years before, called Pattern Full but I wasn’t really doing anything with it.  What should a real estate agent do to showcase their area? Well create a travel guide of course.   

The car service idea just came out of how poorly the uber experience was for the driver. Being surveilled by an app doesn’t work great in the mountains. Sitting outside someone’s house in Snowmass pushing the arrived button but messages not sending. The lack of relationship between employer and employee is not to be replicated.  Adding an errand stop into the route is a major pain.  

I realized that the business of car and concierge service can easily shift because people staying in may need a concierge to run their errands for them, or plan their transportation

Shifting to buying online then picking up is just a shift in shopping habits.  It makes us wonder if we all need to be on the streets or if an errand service makes sense. 

This winter seems like a great time to visit the Aspen Art Museum.  

You can easily spend hours exploring the Aspen Institute’s website. 

Check out events you may be interested in. 

See the Aspen Times’ events calendar here

People on the Aspen Reddit are up in arms that anyone may be here, but it needs to be recognized that many of the so called visitors are actually property owners visiting their second homes. 

You don’t need a special agenda in Aspen.  Just walking around outside can be magical enough. Or looking out the window at the snow. 

If you want to buy a home in Aspen let me know!