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Residential Vacant Lots for Sale in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Glenwood Springs is famous for its Hot Springs, which can be seen upon arriving through Glenwood Canyon, they will be to the right, coming from the west take exit 116. 

The Utes were moved to a reservation in 1881

In 1882 Cooper purchased the homestead that contained the Hot Springs from Landis in 1882, and the town was incorporated in 1885.

There are still some development opportunities in Glenwood Springs. Real estate investors are happy about the large number of people who want to live, work, and play in the area.  

Developing real estate can begin in reference to these resources. 

Glenwood Springs is in Garfield, County CO.

The Community Development website has information on planning and zoning and building codes.  

These GIS resources of the area are available

Check out this article from Forbes on real estate investing. 

Just east of the Iron Mountain Hot Springs, you’ll see a new three story building under construction.  This building will house some 15 deed restricted units and 4 free market units. 

Phase III of the Lofts at Red Mountain may bring more studios to the area.

There is the West Glenwood Pasture development which is still under review. 

Glenwood’s economy is tourism based, and has experienced a housing shortage. The lack of inventory has led to an ongoing seller’s market. 

Glenwood Springs was nominated for the 2021 Governor’s Award for Downtown Excellence. It’s no surprise since walking around historic Glenwood, across the pedestrian bridge, and enjoying the dining, parks and scenery is so fun.  

For a comprehensive travel guide to the area, look at

Experience the original Glenwood Hot Springs, Iron Mountain Hot Springs, and take a peek at the Hotel Colorado and Hotel Denver. 

For finer dining, see the Pullman, Riviera or Juicy Lucy’s. For barbeque, see Smoke or the Colorado Ranch House. For great tacos and dogs, I frequent the Slope and Hatch.  I love the authentic Italian of Brava.  The Glenwood Springs Brew Pub makes it own tasty beers. 

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