Residential Vacant Land for Sale in Marble, Colorado

Marble is a hidden gem at 7992 ft in elevation, with only about 300 year round residents.  

Driving up Highway 133, just before McClure pass you’ll see County Road 3 to the left.  Follow that road up and listen to the Crystal River rush alongside the winding road. 

Dealing with the snow and distance from Carbondale (about 45 minutes) makes year round living not for the faint of heart. There is no gas station, nor grocery store so there are no spontaneous jaunts for missing sundries.

The mountain views are incredible, as are the recreational opportunities.  Beaver Lake is a fisherman’s dream, and requires a fishing license, even for those simply paddle-boarding.

The Lead King Basin loop is one of the most famous hiking and atv trails in Colorado for its breathtaking scenery. 

On the way round, you’ll pass by a wonder of the world, Lizard Lake

Partway up the right side of the loop you’ll find the once abandoned town of Crystal, just past the much photographed Crystal Mill. 

In town, you’ll find the Meri Daes campground. To stay there you’ll need a reservation.

There is no camping within a quarter mile of the Crystal River, that is not either Meri Daes or the lower Bogan Flats campground which you’ll see on the way to town. You’ll need a reservation for Bogan Flats as well.    

The current mill site of the namesake Marble, as well as an old Mill site bring the past into the present. Peaking in 1910, Marble was once a hopping town of miners. 

There is a marble symposium every summer, for people who are specialists in marble carving. 

Here is the Marble community facebook page. 

Be sure to read about minding your manners in Marble.

If you are thinking about starting a BnB or other business in Marble, check out how to pay your sales tax so that the community can continue to grow and thrive.  

Check out Gunnison County resources for building. 

Marble is cool, you can feel it. 

See my saved collection of homes for sale in Marble here. 

Homes for Sale in Marble, Colorado