palisade colorado

Palisade is a gorgeous town nestled between the Colorado River and the Grand Mesa. The lower elevation and the relation to DeBeque canyon creates the microclimate perfect for the orchards lining this eastern part of the Grand Valley. 

Palisade has a bustling downtown area, with excellent restaurants. See my restaurant guide here. 

Palisade is known for its vibrant arts community. 

The Palisade Peach Festival punctuates August. 

Tours of wineries are a great idea for a long date. 

Mountain biking is a sport enjoyed by many in the area. Palisade got its own trail called the Palisade plunge. 

Exit 34 driving east to west and to the right you’ll see parking lot for a raft put in. 

If you want to build in Palisade, check out the Land Development Code. 

Palisade has adopted a comprehensive plan

Even if you’re only planning a remodel, you’ll want to check out the page on planning.

I rarely leave home without a great color coded zoning map, and you can find Palisade’s here. 

Finally, the Palisade municipal code can be found here

Driving east you’ll hit Debeque Canyon, and west you’ll find yourself in Grand Junction.