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Residential Vacant Lots for Sale in Parachute, Colorado

Residential Vacant Lots in Battlement Mesa, Colorado

Did you wish you lived some what near Grand Junction, but not in Junction; and near Rifle but not in Rifle? If tranquility and affordability are on your list, consider the Parachute and Battlement Mesa area! 

Parachute is the area north of Exit 75, while Battlement Mesa is comprised of the subdivisions on the south side of Exit 75. 

The town of Parachute is home to about 2,000 people.  However, it will surely be growing due to the proximity to the best recreational opportunities.  Less expensive, because its farther away from Glenwood Springs, 42 miles west, so be prepared to service your vehicle. 

It was first surveyed in 1879. Check out the Grand Valley Historical Society here

Its in Garfield County, Colorado.

Garfield RE-16 school district serves the area. 

Exit 75, it lies 42 miles west of Glenwood Springs.

The Piceance Basin is here, which holds vast shale oil reserves.  So the growth and decline of the town is related to oil company investment and pullbacks. 

The Bustang stops in Parachute if you’re going between Denver and Grand Junction. 

One of the highlights of the area is the golf course

Battlement Mesa was a planned community so its somewhat like one giant HOA with many sub HOAs.  You can find all of the information you’ll need if you’re buying a new home in Battlement Mesa here. Parachute is on the north side of the river and is a town. If you are building, you many need the land use forms

I always enjoy a good zoning map, and Parachute’s is here. Building guides for commercial and residential buildings can be found here

If you’re looking to buy in Parachute or Battlement Mesa, get in touch. 

If you’re looking to list your home or business in Parachute or Battlement Mesa, I can help! 

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