Security Options for your Home

Security Options for your Home

Do you feel a need to lock your doors at night? The more rural the area, the less likely, due to other security measures being in place.  One easy way to know if someone unexpected is on your property is to have some dogs.  This is not a great option if you’re a renter.  

Another way I’ve seen quite a bit is to set up a motion sensing game camera where you’re interested to see who is walking by. 

The leading products available these days include 

Blue by ADT





These are great at catching criminals.  There is a side effect during real estate showings, however.  Your buyer’s agent should tell you to not gasp in awe and gush over a property at the property because you may be being recorded, and your overwhelming desire for the home is not in your favor in negotiations. Not talking about the home while you’re in the home is hard!  Listing agents are supposed to disclose whether or not surveillance is occurring, but it could be since many devices are motion or voice activated. 

I like to jot down notes as I tour the home.