My Favorite Mountain Towns

My Favorite Mountain Towns

Ok ok ok ok, you all know my favorite towns are the ones in my service area.  I have already written about them from the Traveler’s perspective, and from the history of development perspective.  So, I have to exclude all the wonderful towns in my service area for this post. 

What are my other favorite mountian towns? 

Silverton for sure because riding a utv in the center of town is fun, the camping is amazing, views, high mountain lakes, trails, trees, its paradiasical. 

Steamboat Springs is so gorgeous. All the farmland on the way, high mountain lakes and small enough for me,  Twin Lakes because people are overrated,

Moab for the serpentine trail overlook point, for the forest on the edge of town, for Arches,

Leadville because it reminds us of a bygone age, the mining era is evident. No one that is not a mountain person could ever love Leadville. 

Gateway has a mysterious sense to it and its evident ancestral peoples and animals lived there. 

I’m available anytime anyone wants to go to Creede, Crested Butte, or Telluride.