A handyman is basically a skilled “jack of all trades” who can complete a wide range of repairs on your home or property.
Handymen usually charge clients by the hour plus material costs. If you have a “to do” list for your home, a handyman can help you get those items taken care of. Handymen are the heroes of property management.

Will he be able to do the very weird and specific job at hand in my home?  Chances are yes, just be specific about what you want.  Many handymen are akin to redneck engineers;  a person who uses what is at hand, to create what he or she needs.

Jim Dine’s art pays homage to the tool. When I look Adjustable Spanner or Brushes Drawn on Stone,  I feel like I understand something about drawing, hands, tools, and thereby humans as tool bearers.

Sometimes, one handyman can knock out many items on an inspection objection list, saving you time and money. 

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