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If you had asked me 7 years ago if my future included studying how to have a great lawn maintenance and irrigation business I would have said “not likely”.  Myriads of miracles had to occur for Erin Connor and I to meet.  I just observed how he worked, and who were the more satisfied clients.  Without a doubt, people who have seasonal plans with Win-Sum are the happiest clients because they see improvement and flourishing with regularity year after year. I have also seen Erin’s expertise in fixing irrigation in action. Erin’s main value is enjoying weekends with his family, and his business allows others to do the same. I was also pretty shocked at client retention with over half of clients being with Win-Sum for the decade they’ve been in business. Many thanks to my father-in-law, Paul Connor for starting the business and to Erin for allowing me to advertise and do the billing.  And it’s fun to watch father and sons to have fun side-by-side for the third generation!  Snowplowing is also bizarrely a passion of Erin’s.  Sure there’s the restless nights checking the weather and the odd hours but there’s something in his voice when he describes doing it that lets me know he’s feeling it. Check out the Win-Sum website at

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lawn maintenance near me

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