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Moving they say is one of the most stressful events in life.  Most people avoid it just because carrying boxes is a pain. Its true.  Next to saving for the down payment and closing costs, saving enough to hire professional movers is my top “don’t hate yourself” tip.  And you really don’t need to ask your best friends to ruin their day and body either. The important things about moving are so endless that you need a checklist. Minimizing your belongings is not just for spring and fall anymore, its for simplifying your life and the less stuff, the less stuff to move. If its a matter of coordinating closing times you may have to move into storage, then into your new place.  Don’t see this as a negative. The buyers will appreciate a cleaned out home on the final walkthrough so you can get the peace of mind that this part of the process will go smoothly.  And you’ll have time to get your new place cleaned before moving your stuff back in. You don’t want to be thinking of other things when you’re reviewing your closing documents at the title company. No matter who helps you move, realize that labor is hard and deserves to be compensated. 

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moving companies

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