new flooring

New Flooring is amazing! “If you fall, I will be there — your flooring.” These days, you frequently hear two words that  never used to go together —luxury and vinyl– unless you’re talking about the experience of listening to my turntable. Loving music leads to dancing leads to pickiness about floors.  Human being hood leads to mopping — leads you to need to love your floor. Your radiant heat, comes from beneath your feet, keeping you cozy.  Here’s a tip, if you can see the scratch or dirt, everyone else can too.  Darker flooring will make it easy to see dust, because dust is light. So choose lighter tones for your floor. 

For new flooring quotes, you may need to measure the square footage of the area.  Learn how to measure rooms by watching this video. 

I pretty much love the herringbone look, for backsplashes and to add design interest. I don’t love tile because grout on the floor does not stay clean. Some people just love the way new carpet feels between their toes.  But then again, pets have accidents and so do people walking around with beverages.  

Throw rugs are a great way to add design elements, including prints, to the decor.  I like all the throw rugs in my home to have the same design to add a coherency. 

There are even poetic quotes about new flooring! “Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room. Start with a great carpet and everything will fall into place.” From the ground up, “we shape our home and then our home shapes us.” 

Its fun to think about the phrase “being floored”.  So awesome your jaw dropped to the floor? No. Not so awesome. The etymology of floor as a verb points more to the idea of knocked down to the floor (1640) and by 1830 to floor someone is to confuse them. By 1852 England to floor something meant to do it thoroughly and successfully. 

A new carpet allowance can really sweeten the deal for first time home buyers. Do you have a new flooring company that you would like featured on Western Slope Home Pros.  Serving Aspen to Fruita?  Get in touch!