Real Estate Photography is a special subdivision of photography because the lighting and space issues in a home are different than outdoor photography.  My favorite website for camera reviews is Light and Matter. I ask the photographer when they are available and get the staging done in the hours or days beforehand.  Think about when the light is best– usually very early morning or sunset time.  A twilight shoot is when all the lights inside the home are on, and the photo is taken at first darkness with the home glowing from the inside.  I also like the video walkthrough because it gives buyers who cannot schedule a showing a realistic feel of walking through the home.  I really enjoy working with photographers.  I like to be at the photoshoot to ensure the angles and details that I see as making the home uniquely attractive  are captured.  If the correct documents are signed for a coming soon listing, interior detail pics can be used to tease a listing. 

I don’t necessarily agree with the first part of this quote, but the second part nails it. “Anyone can take a picture, it’s a person with a passion who sees the picture before it’s taken.” I think the basis of photography is observation which is a refined skill, just ask your local Tai Chi expert about observation and awareness. So a photographer will have this regarding the light and the angle and the shot, and I bring an awareness of what features make a home more livable, desirable and which shots may make great posts.  The photo and video editing is so key as well.  With instagram enjoying only 15 second videos, a home walkthrough video could be edited into many video posts. Check out these local photographers who I have used for real estate photography. Do you specialize in residential or commercial building photography and want to be featured in this directory? Get in touch!  

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