Choosing Window Coverings

Did you know that in a real estate transaction, window coverings are included unless specifically excluded and they are to be expected.  Now, this requirement can be satisfied with the cheapest and ugliest blinds and sometimes it is.  If others can see in, you may not feel at home. In homes that get great light, sometimes blackout shades are required for the darkness conducive to sleep.  Curtains can be draped in many different ways, and have various relations to the floor. 

Window coverings are the picture frames of your perception when you look outside the house. Window coverings filter the light, they provide the privacy you want and the strange shadows that throw on the half light. The fabric can make a statement in your decor. When you put your blinds down, you sigh. It’s what you do. Do you have a window covering company in the Roaring Fork Valley or Western Slope that you would like featured on Western Slope Home Pros? Get in touch! 


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