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Country homes dot the Roaring Fork Valley

Seems like everyone wants to get out of the city, to someplace they can socially distance outside and be inspired by the mountains. I get the request all the time as a real estate agent, find me something with a couple of acres. 

Here in the Valley, its almost as though you need to choose your elevation. 

In the higher elevations, like the Grand Mesa, a house with acreage may look like a cabin in the woods. 

In lower elevation, it could be acreage for a horse facility you’re looking for.  

Near the Colorado River or towards the Roaring Fork lies the most fertile farmlands. 

In the Aspen/Glenwood multiple listing services the searches for homes on acreage go in the following increments. 

1-3; 4-5; 6-10; 11-20; 21-34

101 or more

Tell me what area you want, which acreage increment to look in, and I can set up a subscription search.  If you subscribe to the search, you’ll be alerted as soon a home fitting your criteria hits the market. 

I know all about life in rural areas.  I spent a life time riding horses, having chickens, and enjoying rural life. I have also sold a number of rural properties so I’m familiar with how to deal with wells, septic issues, and irrigation concerns. 

A little elbow room. Sometimes I feel like its what Western Colorado was made for. 

If you have an agricultural based business and you’re looking to grow, check out my listing at 6072 County Rd 214 in New Castle, Colorado 81647. 

These 9 irrigated acres are in the heart of the most fertile area known as Peach Valley. Already home to numerous growing operations and horse farms, you won’t find a more illyic setting to grow your agribusiness. 

Ok now for indulging in the best photos. 


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Let me know if want to plant your pin of civilization near the wild.