Western Slope Home Pros Facebook page exists to promote your business if it fits into one of our categories! 

We are aiming to connect with home pros, have an interview, and support their endeavors. 

You can see all the brands I promote on social media on PatternFull.

Check out this article on using Social Media for Customer Service.

Here’s a cool article on 5 brands to learn from on Social Media.

I like to use my website platforms and social media sites for what they are for.  For example, I tweet my listings and real estate news.

I update LinkdIn with my business happenings.

My real estate blog is about rooms in the home, real estate, and the areas I serve.

My property management blog is about real estate investing as a way to grow wealth. Check out LauraConnorPropertyMgmt.com if you are looking for a professional property management program! 

Western Slope Adventures is to feature vacation rentals, restaurants, and small businesses.

I’m interested in promoting various aspects of the Roaring Fork Valley and Western Slope, and I want to do so in a context where they fit,  which is why I creating a travel guide blog, and a home pros blog.  

I see social media as a central component of modern communications.  I want to dive deeper into integrating my values with my social media usage.

Here is an article on the latest copyright law for creators in the digital space.  See the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s response here.