Why I Started Western Slope Home Pros

Why I Started Western Slope Home Pros

I started Western Slope Home Pros because it was hanging around my imagination. I was reflecting on my job to advertise Win-Sum, All Season Property Maintenance.  I wanted to advertise this snowplow and lawn maintenance business in the context of other professionals that also serve homeowners in the Roaring Fork Valley. 

I am a real estate agent and one of my jobs is to “know a guy” for a variety of home improvement related fields. 

One of the things I always enjoyed about going to the hardware store is the bulletin board where you can pin a card and if you need that service you take a pic of the card, or in the olden days, take a card and put the rest back. 

I wanted to recreate, online, the hardware store bulletin board in order to connect my real estate clients and prospective clients with the information they may want to research further to aid in their decision making processs.  

I started this directory to serve my real estate clients with recommendations.  If I haven’t pinned your card to my board (relevant page in the directory) its just because I haven’t met you yet. I want to shine a light on others’ businesses. I would like to connect with business owners that think they belong in this directory.