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So you want to buy a house, you put it under contract and you have a couple of weeks before you need to launch an inspection objection. First you’ll have to find out if an inspection objection is necessary. 

There is no state wide licensing for inspectors so you wonder who to go with.  Someone who will be thorough, has experience, and importantly, can fit the inspection into your contractual timeframe.  You’ll want to schedule the inspector immediately, because sometimes things they find will call for an additional inspection by a specialist. 

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors has numerous resources on choosing a qualified inspector. 

You read over the inspection report and see tons of details about the home you missed. This can be destabilizing for the transaction.  

Seller, you don’t want any surprises.  You can purchase an inspection on your own home before you list it and find out all of the issues.  This puts you in a better negotiating position because you won’t be thrown off guard finding out about some expensive defect that you have to cure immediately or your contract falls apart. 

Find out, get it fixed in the way and to the extent you see fit, and then put the home on the market. 

There’s also the home warranty bargaining chip.  Let’s say you really can’t deal with fixing your house. You can offer a home warranty that may placate a buyer when added to an inspection resolution. 

This article covers getting ready for the home inspector to come over. 

Here are some issues the inspector will be examining. 

Finally, I love this home inspection checklist which is downloadable! yet you run a huge risk if you don’t use a professional.  

home inspectors near me

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home inspectors near me

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