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Mortgage lenders are important partners to your real estate agent on the path to purchasing your home. 

Submit your financial details to the mortgage lender, who will tell you your options.  You may qualify for some kinds of loans and not others. 

In turn, the type of property you can buy given your mortgage type may create limitations your realtor can consider when assisting you with the search. 

Financial pre-qualification is required for a showing as a customary practice, because you don’t want to waste your time getting your hopes up about a home you can’t afford. Every buyer who tours a home should be prepared to offer, and offer quickly if you like the property because someone else will. 

When you work closely with your lender and your realtor together your dreams get more defined, as your realtor scours the listings and the neighborhood for your perfect opportunity. 

Keller Mortgage is making waves in the mortgage industry with its no loan origination fee savings and great customer service.   

No matter which way you go in lending you will achieve the best interest rate if your credit score is solid. 

Lenders want to know you can afford the home, so they want to see consistency in the payment of previous debts. 

The lower your credit score, the higher your risk to a mortgage lender.

The lender’s calculations concern how much of a payment it is reasonable that you could make each month. 

Savings plays an important role as well, for more money down in a loan can get you more house or better terms. 

You can also think about a 15 year amortization if you like the idea of paying off your assets more quickly. 

Ask your lender if the type of mortgage has any limitations on renting it out, and consider your payment plus your expected monthly profit and think about if that makes sense as a rental price in your market.  

Rentals have large start up costs, as its good to have at least 10,000 in escrow for repairs and sales costs for when that time comes, as well as 4 months of rent in case you have a bad tenant or vacancy, plus the ability to carry maintenance expenses– because wear and tear happens. 

Don’t avoid mortgage lenders friends! Plenty of math goes into determining your best real estate investment and the lending options available to help you achieve your now defined dream. 

Compare rates from local mortgage lenders.

Use a mortgage calculator to help determine what you can afford.

You can listen to the podcast Bigger Pockets to hear more about real estate investing, the math involved, and the financial tools that can help.


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