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Transportation Options in the Roaring Fork Valley

Transportation in the Roaring Fork Valley and Western Slope is trickier than in other parts of the country because of the population pockets.  

Traveling by Amtrack will be the closest thing to experience arriving in Glenwood Springs the way the early industrialists did.

Grand Junction has a Greyhound bus station. 

The Bustang takes people to and fro Denver. 

There are several park and rides around the Valley that are the appropriate places to leave a car while carpooling. 

If you drive an electric vehicle and you want to recharge, the Marriott in the Meadows in Glenwood Springs has charging stations. 

Finally, you may be looking for non ethanol added gas, in which case you can check at the Coop in Carbondale or the Sinclair in Silt

The way the transportation situation has affected the real estate market is that people around here tend to have more vehicles than city folk.  For example a camping trailer, trailer with a raft on it, trailer for snowmobiles, dump trailers, horse trailers, and boats.  This makes having No HOA regulating what can be on your driveway, or living in an HOA with lax rules around parking, become desirable housing traits for some people.

People taking RFTA on a daily basis prefer to live near a bus stop.

Finally, in Carbondale it is completely reasonable to depend on a bicycle –  with the Rio Grand bike path running from west Glenwood Springs    through Aspen.  

If you need a private car service to give you a ride and or do your errands, check out Western Slope Adventures

Finally, Western Slope Adventures also does referrals for private air options.